Over the years, many members are no longer with us having taken their final ride. This tradition of the final ride was started with the creation of this web site. The names of those who have passed prior to the web site are not included here for several reasons, we did not want to miss any and some have been gone for so long that photos would likely be impossible to obtain.


We by no means want for their accomplishments to be forgotten as many were pioneers of what is the current Thunder Creek Model Railroad Club. We recognize that their contribution has taken this Club and it's ideal to great heights. Remembering them, gives us the willingness to continue promoting the great hobby that is Model Railroading.


Darcy Hallick 1956 - 2009

Russ Johnson 1948 - 2008

Russ Johnson 1958 - 2008
Darcy Hallick 1956 - 2009

  Ray King 1927 - 2015

  Murray Ardelan 1952 - 2017



                        Paul Knight 1961 - 2020











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