Portable Layout is controlled using "LENZ" Set 100.

TCMRC goes "Lenz"

With the advent of Digital Command Control or “DCC” and after witnessing other clubs using this system at various shows, the members decided that DCC was for us and we opted for a LENZ system.

As a result of this, 6 members purchased systems, the club purchased a "Set 100" and the DCC world was opened up to us. Several months were spent upgrading Locos with decoders and learning how frustrating this DCC can be at times and so simple it really can be at others. As time progressed, software upgrades were done substantially improving the system’s capabilities.

A few years later, we added a CVP wireless system to our Lenz system allowing us a wireless capability. This has proven to be practical at shows by not having to deal with wired throttles. However, we still use both especially for programming and consisting. 

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