We are an "HO Modular Club"

The members decided that the best way to promote the hobby, was a modular layout. In order to recognize individual members modeling talents, the club decided to allow individual members to model what they want, or highlight their special interests in their modules.

Members design, build and own all of the straight sections in the modules and the club owns the 2 ends sections comprised of 3 modules each , a gate and a 4 foot module to offset the gate . This limits our display to 11 feet wide. The display can be any length we want based on available space and mampower.

In a matter of a few hours the members of our club can unpack and put together a layout with 2 main lines and a branch allowing for 3 trains to run at the same time.

 Several years ago, we updated our standards to limit building of new modules to 6 feet and build them as a pair to make a scene that is 12 feet long. We also try and limit module with to 30 inches allowing for some wider exceptions.

With LED technology becoming more available, we have upgraded our modules to include lighting be it buildings, street lights or vehicles. It has certainly brought life to the various scenes.





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