We are an "HO Modular Club"

The members decided that the best way to promote the hobby, was a modular layout. In order to recognize individual members modeling talents, the club decided to allow individual members to model what they want, or highlight their special interests in their modules.

Members design, build and own all of the straight sections in the modules and the club owns six outside corners and two inside corners. This allows us to display several different configurations, including a square, a rectangle, an "L" and even a "U" shape. This gives us flexibility to set up almost any shape anywhere.

In a matter of a few hours the members of our club can unpack and put together a layout that has over 225 feet of mainline track.  Due to the fact that all of our modules have a double track we can build a layout with almost 500 feet of main line track.  The members are free to build modules in two foot increments that can be 4 foot, 6 foot or 8 feet in length.   





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